Zambezi - Rafting into water sports traveler favored because of the challenge. But try the rafting on the Zambezi River, Zambia because you will rafting Africa and through the woods of the largest waterfalls in the world! 

Visiting in, Thursday (09/19/2013), commercial rafting on the Zambezi began in 1981. Rafting area is located just below the Victoria Falls in Africa Falls, the largest waterfall in the world. 

Zambezi River is the fourth largest river in Africa. This river has a length of 2,700 km and the water flows through six countries, starting from northwestern Zambia close to the border of Angola, and ending the Indian Ocean, in the Mozambique Coast. 

In 1996, approximately 50,000 people doing this waterfall rafting, and the number continues to increase from year to year. Canyon under a waterfall Victoria Falls has been reduced over the last 300 million years and has a length of 120 meters at the early start rafting. 

For one day trip, a traveler can try rafting profit around 230 meters. The time required is approximately 20 minutes. 

Zambezi river itself has a depth of up to 60 meters. Flow jeramnya you can enjoy at a distance of 100 meters to 2 km. Zambezi river flows are classified as high-volume discharge. 

Water flow will be very heavy between mid-February and the end of June. Large volume of water, four times that of the Colorado River. Zambezi river has rapids up to 23, and nearly half of the rapids that there are 5 levels of difficulty level. 

There's also the difficulty level to 6, but can not be forded traveler as it is too dangerous.Travelers are usually trying to navigate the rapids of 1 to 18. But for those who are lovers of adrenaline can try rafting race 11 to 23. 

Travelers can either start rafting from Zimbabwe or Zambia. The average time that will be spent rafting traveler for about 6-7 hours.