Dumja - Rafting is a full adrenaline outdoor activities. Indonesia has a fast-flowing river for rafting activities. But, it never hurts to try rafting in Gold River, located in Nepal.

Reporting from Raft Nepal, Thursday (09/17/2013) Sun Kosi River is one of 10 major rivers in the world. In Nepali, Sun Kosi River has meaning Gold River. Gold River called because of the color that brings alluvium water when the rainy season, sometimes there is gold in the river.

Interestingly, Sun Kosi River flow is created from the seven rivers that meet in the middle east Nepal. Travelers who want to try rafting in Gold or Sun Kosi River to begin from Dumja City, a 3-hour drive to the east of Kathmandu. You can enjoy the natural beauty of Nepal from the shining river.

Sun Kosi river rafting activity begins at an altitude of 620 meters Dolalghat and ending at Chatra Gorge at a height of 115 meters along the 272 kilometer distance. With the mileage that far, rafting will take between 7 to 9 days with different sights at every level of a. Sun Kosi River difficulty level had grade III-IV rapids.

For rafting, you should know how to swim, if not, there is a life jacket that can be worn for safety. The organizers usually provide inflatable boat rafting, helmets, plastic paddles, life jacket and a major aid box. Including food, beverages, and also tents for camping on the riverbank. Rafting package sold for about 400 euros, or Rp 4.9 million per person.

Sun Kosi River Rafting is an ideal trip for those who want a combination of beautifully peaceful scenery, challenging rapids, and long travel times. Surely friendship between friends will be interwoven through teamwork during the rafting trip