Rome - Who does not know the Mona Lisa, Buckingham Palace, or the Tower of Pisa? That is a popular tourist attraction that is always crowded with tourists. But apparently, it was part of the 10 popular attractions are considered the worst.

News reported from Australia, Monday (23/09/2013), here are 10 popular attractions are always crowded with tourists, but it is considered the worst:

1. Astronomical Clock, Prague

Astronomical Clock is a symbol of Prague, capital of Czech Republic. This clock is in the southern part of the wall of Old Town Hall and is always crowded with tourists. This winder has been around since 1410 and is the most advanced clock in the 14th century.

Even so, it seems that not a few tourists who do not like the hours. Why, winder parts quite complicated to understand, too many gold metals, and is hard to see the numbers clearly. Astronomical Clock is beautiful, but yes just hours ...

2. Mona Lisa, Paris

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci in the Louvre Museum never deserted of tourists every day. This is the most famous painting in the face of the earth. Beyond that, most tourists call saw his paintings are in vain.

Therefore, tourists should be within a radius of 3 meters to see his paintings. Tourists also have to jostle and queue for hours. Moreover, the painting measures just 77 x 53 cm and covered the glass. You must bring a sophisticated camera to be able to take good pictures, bother!

3. Buckingham Palace, London

Buckingham Palace is always crowded by Britons and tourists during major holidays or ceremonies of the royal family, such as the birth of the couple Kate Middleton and Prince William.

But on a typical day, Buckingham Palace is an old building. Nothing special, other than just tourists take pictures in there alone. Some remarks tourists, the best part of Buckingham Palace is the fence.

4. Royal Palace, Madrid

Royal Palace in Madrid is one of the royal palaces as well as the impressive buildings in Europe. Tourists can Mauk into it and take pictures.

Again, not a tourist who does not like one of the popular tourist attraction. Variety of reasons, some say only old buildings and ordinary course, the building is quite extensive, and often closed when the royal family is a field. If you?

5. The Botanical Timekeeper, Geneva

One of the unique things that can be found when tourists travel to Geneva, Switzerland is the Botanical Timekeeper. It is decorated with a giant clock that looks beautiful flowers.

But it turns out, not a few hours of the tourists who menggangap mediocre. Only hours that are large and decorated with flowers.

6. Jet D'Eau, Geneva

One more popular attractions that you can see in Geneva, the Jet D'Eau. This is one of the largest fountains in the world. Beada located in the middle of the lake.

Tourists could see a huge water bomb into space, sometimes there is a rainbow that looks beautiful. However, tourists can not look too close if you do not want to hit the water muncratan. Moreover, there is no explanation whatsoever around the fountain.

7. Tower of Pisa, Pisa

Who does not know the Tower of Pisa in Italy? This is building a tower with a slight incline and so unique, even became one of the seven wonders of the world. Even so, the tourists are not happy with the tower caused by other tourists.

There are a lot of tourists posing with style is holding the Tower of Pisa. Yes, they take smart angles to make it look more perfect. It is a common sight to see during a visit to the Tower of Pisa. Indeed, no other style huh?

8. Manneken Pis, Brussels

Manneken Pis is the most famous attraction of Brussels in Belgium. This is a statue of a small boy who was pee and was in the middle of the City of Brussels.

Menggangap tourist attractions is actually bad, had a simple thought. What term is photographing sculpture is pee?

9. Grand Bazaar, Istanbul

Grand Bazaar is a shopping paradise in Istanbul, Turkey. Grand Bazzar is the market that has 5,000 stores and packed up to 400,000 thousand visitors each day. Ranging from carpets, jewelry, hand-painted ceramic, spice up antiques here.

However, the action of the traders make several tourist uncomfortable. Obviously, every trader can guarantee cheaper and promising special prices for tourists. Tourist gets confused to choose, let alone could have been struck incarannya goods of others.

10. Spanish Steps, Rome

Spanish Steps, Piazza Spagna, Rome, is 138 steps to the Pincio Hill. This is where the Romans and tourists to spend time hanging out during the afternoon. They can chat with each other or waiting for the sunset.

However, be careful when it rains because the stairs are very slippery. If you want to climb the stairs up to it, of course you must first set up your stamina. Then came the afternoon, get ready because the seat can not stair-step below the already crowded.