Hanoi - There's no better way to understand the local culinary wealth than culinary tour around the city. Ranging from street carts to expensive cafes famous by his trademark menu, the following 6 cities best for culinary tour.

According to Lonely Planet, Tuesday (09/24/2013), the following 10 best cities in the world for a culinary tour:

1. Hanoi, Vietnam

Visit to the capital of Vietnam, do not forget to taste the various culinary trademark. Begin this tour in the Old Quarter, tepanya Chau Long Market.

Here, the traveler can taste the typical food of the Vietnamese pho bo (beef soup). There are also banh xeo (crepes sort of), and banh cuon (spring rolls pork and mushroom contents) for non-Muslim tourists.

As the release thirst, you can taste the ca phe sua chua. This is a blended coffee yogurt. Famous Vietnamese coffee delicious!

2. Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul is a blend of Asian and European cities, including culinary questions. Traveled gastronomy in the city, ranging from the most well-known market Spice Bazaar.

After that, Put out into Kadikoy Market which is on the coast. There are many foods including seafood, a variety of cheeses, breads and sweets typical of Turkey.

3. Nice, France

Famous French food delicious, although the portions were small. If you want to taste French cuisine with sloping price, just come to the city of Nice.

In this city, tourists can try out various culinary as pissaladiere, socca, and tourtes de blettes. The last meal was one of the tourist favorite, sweet tart with cream and nuts. Yum!

4. Georgetown, Malaysia

While in Malaysia, the traveler will be treated to the culinary mix of three countries, namely India, China, and native Malaysia. Best city to enjoy this culinary richness is Georgetown, Penang.

Local culinary variety can be found in street carts and of course kopitiam. Two types of food that must be sampled is char kway teow and laksa acid.

5. Mexico City, Mexico

In addition to Italy, France and Spain, typical Mexican cuisine famous around the world. Best city to enjoy the culinary riches of Mexico, none other is not, is the capital of Mexico City.

In this city, many street carts and roadside outlets that sell tacos, quesadillas, and fresh fruit juices.

6. London, England

English is not only famous by fish n 'chips only. Come to Brick Lane, famous by the many restaurants owned by Bangladeshis. But apparently, this is where you enjoy a variety of cuisine from various countries.

In Brick Lane, tourists can taste the typical Chinese tea, bagels, spicy chicken wings, and grilled rib-watering. Simply by 2.5 hours, tourists are able to surround and sample a variety of food in Brick Lane.