Dozens of hand stamp emblazoned on one of the cave Cueva de las Manos in Argentina. But this is no ordinary painting, it is a hand stamp that goes back thousands of years ago. Travelers also curious made​​.

Travelers who are curious about the existence of this hand-painted to look directly traveling to Cave Cueva de las Manos, Patagonia. Precisely, this cave is located in the Rio Pinturas, Santa Cruz Province, Argentina.

If defined, this name means Cave of Hands Cave. Not without cause, naming it as the inside of a cave filled with many human hand stamp.

Not only that, many people also displayed paintings on the rock walls of the cave. According to the official website of UNESCO, on Tuesday (09/24/2013) these paintings are made by public hunters that lived between 9500-13000 years ago.

This estimate is based on bones found in the cave. Chances are, once the bone is used as a means of spraying paint made ​​from natural materials. The result, terbentukalah silhouette hands.

Painting and hand stamp has been able to see since the new travelers entered the cave entrance. Cave door made of large stones filled with lots of colorful hand prints.

If you notice, most of the hands that there is a left hand. This suggests that when people use it to spray right hand.

In addition to mold hand, there are also pictures of the people and animals such as cats on the walls of caves. Not to forget, there is also a geometric shape like a zig zag pattern and representation of the sun.

One thing that is interesting, there is one cave paintings that seemed to tell a story. One of them is a painting of a hunting scene when it's done. In the painting there is an animal that looks hunters attacked using a throwing weapon.