Most traveler already familiar with some countries such as Italy, France, and South Africa. Apparently, in the country, there is another small country. This is the fifth state in the country.

Even though the country is located in the well-known, there are still many who do not know of the existence of the state within the state. In fact, state in the country to visit and have a tourist destination. Here are 5 states in the country:

1. Lesotho

This is a small country in Southern Africa. Previously, Lesotho is called by Batusoland during the reign of King Moshoeshoe. When the king died, Batusoland renamed the Kingdom of Lesotho after winning independence from Britain in 1966.

After independence, Lesotho upheaval, unemployment and HIV-AIDS. Lesotho has a unique culture and music, came to Morija Art & Cultural Festival held regularly in the city to see the show tribal Morija Sesotho.

2. Vatican

Vatican names would have been familiar to Catholics the world. The Vatican is the center of Roman Catholicism recognized by the state as well as the world beyond the walls of the city of Rome, Italy. The Vatican led by Pope, concurrent positions in the highest leader of the Catholic world.

Vatican as the center of Catholic teaching became a place of pilgrimage by many Catholics throughout the world. There are several historic and symbolic buildings such as St Peter's Basilica, Sistine Chapel and the Vatican Museum. You can enter the Vatican from Italy and saw firsthand some of the famous sites in it. Including also see whales up close while religious ceremonies.

3. San Marino

State capital in City of San Marino has the smallest population of all the European countries. San Marino is a small country in Europe which lies third in the country in Italy, as well as the Vatican.

Although it is a small country, San Marino is one of the most prosperous countries in the world, relying on finance, industry, services, and tourism. This country has some wonderful attractions, from the three towers of San Marino, to the castle Borgo Maggiore at the foot of Mount Titano. Do not forget to taste the cake three distinctive towers of San Marino, Torta Di Tre Monti, a wafer layered cake covered with chocolate. Yummy!

4. Monaco

When talking about Monaco, certainly not immune from the famous F1 racing event. Monaco is an independent state within the French and bordering the Mediterranean Sea. Total population of 36,371 makes Monaco as the second smallest country in the world.

Countries that have a color similar to the flag of Indonesia, known as the top tourist destination with casinos and luxury boutiques. F1 Racing and Rally Monte Carlo Monaco became the main attraction. You can reach Monaco by train from France.

5. Gambia

Gambia, commonly referred to as the Republic of Gambia, the smallest country in Africa is located around the River Gambia, and clamped in Senegal. On February 18, 1965, Gambia became independent from Britain and the Commonwealth entered the UK in October 2013.

Gambia economic activity is dominated by agriculture, fishing, and tourism. For those of you who want to visit, Gambia has several tourist activities. Of tourist eco-tourism, exotic bird watching, sightseeing by boat, to recognize the rich culture, to sunbathing on the beach. Do not forget the event the International Roots Home Coming Festival is intended to recall the African diaspora spread across the world to get to know their culture back.