Since the late 1980's until now, at least there are some countries from Africa to the Pacific that appears on the world map. There are 7 countries world that invites travelers to come visit them.

There are at least 7 states that can be visited for its history, scenery, as well as its cultural wealth. Countries such as the Czech Republic and Slovakia are emerging from the Velvet Revolution Czechoslovakia. Alternatively, the emergence of Serbia after the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1990. From the Lonely Planet website, here's 7 states that do not have 20 years ago.

1. Czech Republic

Velvet Revolution of Czechoslovakia in 1989 to separate the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Less than 20 years ago, the area around Prague like elegant Vinohrady and Zizkov vibrant start buzzing.

In the Czech Republic, tourists can go cycling or hiking, through a special landscape area Cesky Raj. Far from the bustle of Prague, discover the tranquil provinces such as Olomouc, Brno and Counters. Everything is still the essence of the culture of Bohemia and Moravia. Visit the Czech Republic will be growing his beer in Prague's Czech Beer Festival or Olomatic Beer Fest.

2. Timor Leste

Most countries in the 21st century is declared independence from Indonesia in 2001. Timor Leste capital, Dili, is the place where UN staff and non-governmental organizations spend their time drinking with new friends.

Crossing to the island of Atauro, ecotourism is very supportive atmosphere for hiking and diving. Explore the Portuguese heritage, historic architecture of Baucau, and check first report related travel security situation before toward here.

3. Eritrea

How far would you go to get delicious coffee? How to Eitrea, an exotic country in the horn of Africa that is a combination of African and a lull the past Italian colony.

Near Massawa, Islamic older buildings hundreds of years old are still lagging behind in such a maze of narrow streets. Tourists can dive in the middle of the Red Sea coral reefs in the Dahlak Islands. Tensions are still spread among Eritrea and Ethiopia. Make sure you check travel reports carefully. Necessary tourist visa before entering Eritrea.

4. Slovakia

Following independence in 1993 Slovakia, Bratislava seems in no hurry to become the center of a bustling European metropolis. Cool cafe and bar in the capital city of Slovakia beautify old still hospitalized and tourist-free, unlike Prague. Do not forget the shock of street art scattered in almost every corner of the city.

Visit the High Tatras National Park before resting weary limbs in Piestany spa water healer. Slovakia also had a cool castles such as Slovakia Spis Castle. Located on a hilltop, with a craggy tower, the castle had a dungeon of darkness like a horror movie.

5. Palau

How many jellyfish that you want? How about 10 million, especially when you swim with it in Jellyfish Lake in Palau. Do not worry, because here jellyfish have evolved and do not sting.

With a population of 20,000, Palau is the smallest state in population recently. Palau has more than 60 best diving spots in the Pacific such as Blue Corner, Shark City, and Turtle Cove. Palau gained independence from the U.S. in 1994, you need the U.S. dollar for the transaction here.

6. Serbia

Following the dissolution of Yugoslavia in 1990, Serbia bit closed on the traveler than its neighbor, Croatia, or Slovenia. Now, the bold views of Belgrade, as well as attractions typical night Europe so interesting expats and tourists who are curious.

Music sensation can be found in the usual Exit Festival is held every year. Do not miss the wild Guca Festival, attract 600,000 visitors annually. Belgrade Foreign Visitors Club check for the latest information about the capital of Serbia for foreigners.

7. Bosnia and Herzegovina

In Sarajevo, capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, mosques, churches and synagogues, all clustered alongside the River Neretva. The city has emerged from that dark chapter Sarajevo attack in 1992 until 1996, became the center of an interesting art

Routine event summer festival Nights of Bascarsija, featuring music, art and dance. Do not miss also one of the Sarajevo Film Festival. You can see the reconstructed Mostar Bridge. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country that offers a new adventure tourism destination. You can do rafting on the Una and Neretva River.