The roads to the country, not just their course with nature and culture. At least, there are 10 countries in the world are known to have unique things. Guaranteed to make you shake your head, curious?

Some thing unique as there are countries whose population is mostly fat people, to a country that has 15 time zones. Followed from 25, following 15 unique countries in the world:

1. Countries with the most time zones

If Indonesia has three time zones, the western, central and eastern, then France has 12 time zones if calculated by local colonies in various parts of the world. France was crowned as the country with the most time zones, followed by the U.S. with 11, Russia 9 time zones and time zone.

2. State that will disappear due to rising sea water

Global warming is a threat to small island states in the world, such as the Maldives. Therefore, global warming could increase sea levels and make those countries drowning.

Maldives country have an average height of islands with only 1.8 meters above sea level. Residents and tourists were contrived misgivings.

3. Countries with a majority population of obese people

With 95% of obese people, the majority of Nauru holds the title as the population of obese people. Cause, a country located in the Pacific Ocean as it receives franchise fast food from other countries. Whoa, watch out obesity ya!

4. In this country will be difficult to meet neighbors

If you are traveling in Mongolia, get ready to meet the difficulty. Do not be surprised, because there are only four people who occupy per square mile there. Compare the Mong Kok district in Hong Kong contained per 340,000 people per square mile. Living in Mongolia, get ready tough meet neighbors.

5. Countries  Most have a many tanks

You know, it seems Russia is the country that most have a lot of tanks. Total, there are 21,000 armored vehicles in the country. This amount exceeded the U.S. Superpower inventories which only had 16,000 tanks. If the tank convoys clay with large numbers on the streets of Russia, do not be surprised ya!

6. In this country, one person had 350 sheep

Falklands Island is the country to be part of Great Britain and forehead will make you wince. Just imagine, every single person there on average had 350 sheep!

The island has an area of ​​about 12 square km. But the vast island occupied only about 3,000 people. So, Falklands Island became a half million sheep habitat. No wonder, wool is the country's main export.

7. Most populated country living abroad

Malta is a small country in Europe. Due to the unstable economy and the birth rate is high, then the Maltese population living more abroad than in their own country to settle. Even so, the natural beauty of Malta should not be underestimated!

8. Desert-covered country

Not Egypt, China, or Saudi Arabia. Rupany, most of the countries whose territory is covered in the Libyan desert. By becoming the 17th largest country in the world, nearly 99% of the area is dominated by the Libyan desert. Libya was also one of the driest countries in the world.

9. Country Most have a lot of inmates

Who would have thought, apparently the U.S. is the country that most have a lot of prisoners in the world. Imagine, there were 2.2 million prisoners in the U.S. were settled in prison. In places there is China with 1.5 million inmates and Russia with 870 thousand inmates.

10. Country that has no agricultural land

Which country does not have a farm? Singapore is the answer. Yes, Singapore has absolutely no revenue from the agricultural sector.

Indeed, Singapore is more emphasis on the business and tourism sector to earn foreign exchange plentiful. Mansions and swanky malls scattered there.