Padang Mountain Independent Research team makes startling findings based on geological analysis. Tim said, Padang Mountain save room portion of the building comes from the more than 10,000 BC. The room was located in a zone called the cultural layers three and four in the study.

Previously, it has been suggested that the Padang Mountain save old buildings. The building form punden, larger and older than the pyramids of Giza in Egypt. This research, according to the team, proving that the building in question actually exist.

Danny Hilman Natawidjaja, a geologist at the Indonesian Institute of Sciences are included in the research team, said the findings are based on analysis georadar, geoelectric, drilling, and tomography were performed until July 2013.

Basically the method is scanning tomography with the help of sound waves. In this way, the team can determine the characteristics of the rock layers and artificial structures that may be present in the soil.

"In principle, tomographic analyzes based on sound velocity. Wherever dense zone, the sound will move quickly. Meanwhile, if in an area that is empty or not solid, sound moves slower," said Danny.

Based on the tomographic analysis , the team found the sound velocity zones with very slow . The existence of the zone , according to Danny and the team , showed a cavity below the site of Padang Mount.

"So it appears there tomography cavity and the walls," Danny said when contacted. The cavity was then said to be the room of a man-made structure.

Drilling results, geoelectric analysis, and strengthen georadar tomographic analysis. On drilling to a depth of 10 meters, the team encountered water loss, in which when drilled, water flow and seep directly in the soil.

"Usually, when drilled, the water will come out again, but it did not. Direct water disappears . Nah, this indicates that the water is flowing to a place, showing the room below," said Danny .

Danny is also a lot of research on earthquake in Sumatra and West Java explains, the volume of water lost to reach 32,000 liters. He estimated that the water flowing into the room to 32 cubic meters in volume.

During geological research, Danny and the team also found a layer of soil between the layers of rock and said not a result of weathering. Deliberately collected as layers of soil building.

"If the result of weathering, soil usually no gradation. Anybody get that perfect weathered weathered yet. If this does not. Uniform. Layer of soil so it is not a result of weathering," explained Danny.

Of drilling at some point, the team took the carbon samples. Carbon analysis revealed that the building was detected by analysis of geological thought to originate from the period 9000 BC or even older.

Responding to these findings, Awang Harun Satyana, senior geologist of the Energy and Mineral Resources, revealed that the methods and results of the study may have been right." However, the results of the multiple interpretations. One Data, geologists can interpret differently," he said.

Awang said that the zones with low speed of sound as well as a large water loss does not necessarily indicate the presence of man-made space, could have only clue to certain natural phenomena.

Padang mountain area are volcanic zone. Rocks formed from lava. In the process, it is very unusual freezing rocks is not uniform. Tomography results can refer to lava that has not actually frozen.

On the other hand, it could be a zone with a low speed of sound does a space. However, the room was not necessarily man-made." So it could be just a cave. Was a natural right," said Awang.

While water loss is not always the case because of the cavity below the surface. Water loss can occur when a large rock is porous (has large pores and more) so the water is easy to" disappear".

Ali Akbar, an archaeologist from the University of Indonesia who became the leader of the research team, said it would continue to examine again. Carbon dating is also a major focus of research. The team will ensure that the appropriate calendar date because the number of results beyond expectations.