During the holidays through the cave, a traveler would find the cave usually synonymous with dark and sinister. But not in Chile, here there is a beautiful cave in blue.

The cave is full of charm named Cuevas de Marmol. This cave is located in the Andes Mountains in the Patagonian region, bordering Lake General Carrera, secluded glacial lake which covers the border of Chile and Argentina.

The lake is formed by a wave of calcium carbonate and 6,000 years old cave wall is a reflection of the blue waters of the lake, which changed in intensity and color, depending on the water level and time of year.

Impressive, marble maze cave big enough for a small boat slid into. Water has eroded the marble to make cracks like cavities and marble cave. Located far from jalanraya, traveler can only access the Cuevas de Marmol Cave by boat.

The cave tour around several travel agents to run down the cave for 30 minutes, of course when the weather and water conditions allow. There are different shades when the traveler navigate this cave.

The colors are displayed depending on what is under the water. There are white, but the traveler may also find blue and pink colors on marble stone, because of the minerals.

This cave is located on Lake General Carrera, the second largest freshwater lake in South America. In addition to caving, hunting traveler can also trout and salmon are very abundant here, and of course see the local landmark, the Marble Cathedral.