Las Vegas-This is a warning for the traveler to not perform indecent acts on the plane. Travelers from the U.S. couple fined $ 250 due to perform oral sex while sitting on the plane. Outrageous !

Christopher Martin, processing wine from Las Vegas and his partner Jessica Stroble, a hairdresser from Medford found guilty by the Court of Las Vegas in the trial in absentia. They were sentenced to a fine of $ 250 per person for committing indecent acts on the plane.

Reporting from The Sydney Morning Herald, said the couple's FBI records on June 21, 2013 using airline Allegiant Air flight. While sitting in the plane, Martin issued Stroble genitals and performing oral sex.

Stewardess gives a stern warning when it knew it. But Martin and Stroble repeat his actions can be seen that other passengers.

"It's not the sex education I want for my teenage son," complained a passenger in the FBI report.

When the case was first sticking to the public. Martin said all the mass media want disfigure. He had denied the nasty action they look the other passengers . But the court ultimately proves otherwise.

After the penalty verdict, Martin apologized to all aggrieved parties ranging from family, friends, passengers and friends and the work Martin Stroble. However, this disgrace Martin already destroying lives.

"I lost my job, reputation , and damaging things I did in 10 years of caring for and cultivating grapes.  A lesson in my life and I want to move on," Martin said. Regret, it came too late.