Asia was awarded with thousands of beautiful islands are always hunted by the traveler. Of the whole island, there are 5 of the best, two of which came from Indonesia, Lombok and Bali.

From Sabang to Merauke, scattered islands that hold the potential of natural and wonderful tourist and not two. Beauty Lombok and Bali is recognized as one of the best islands in Asia. Of CN Traveler, here's a countdown 5 best islands in Asia:

5. Lombok

With 77.8 rating points, Lombok won traveler CN Traveler readers as it is considered less crowded than Bali. For scenery, the island gets the value of 92.9 for the hospitality of its inhabitants and the value is 88.1.

Choice of beaches are still clean and also so diverse reasons why this island so one of the best in Asia. Additionally, the Gunung Rinjani makes Lombok has its own charm.

4. Phuket

Many tourists who know how beautiful Phuket in Thailand is not making this island a direct loss of prestige. In fact, he was ranked fourth best in Asia. Although actually, this island is ranked declined 2 points from last year who came in second place.

Sights in Phuket scored 81.3, while the population gets the value 79.4 friendliness. Although many say Phuket is too crowded, but still there are often back there and loves the island with all the hustle and bustle in it.

3. Cebu and Visayan Islands

All can be found in Cebu and the Visayan Islands in the Philippines. Ranging from shopping to culinary tour is available with a variety of options here. Plus, the people are friendly, happy holiday makes more travelers here.

The island has beautiful panorama with the value of 86 and the hospitality scored 88.8. The island also satisfy man night nightclub because there are some who live on this island, although not as busy Phuket.

2. Koh Samui

Still in Thailand, Koh Samui now there are shining. Last year, the island is still there in the fifth, but this year raced to position 2. Island which has a value of 87.2 and 86.6 in terms of panorama in terms of people's hospitality attracts many tourists.

Nobody thinks this island to save a lot of beautiful beaches, there are also soluble in memesonanya temples. Unspoiled atmosphere makes Koh Samui became a favorite among tourists here.

1. Bali

Endless exploring Bali. This island never fails to make anyone fall in love with him. Came in first place, the island of Bali has a value of 89.9 for the sights and for the hospitality of the local community 90.

Beautiful beaches, exotic culture, and experience may be the same but it is always fun to make anyone not bored back here. Bali, the land of the gods who are always open to visitors from around the world.