No need to go far away to the Maldives, to see the crystal clear sea with coral reefs and colorful fish. Indonesia also has a sea that is not less spectacular, even in the eyes of the world are well know.

1. Raja Ampat

raja ampat

Who does not want to Raja Ampat in West Papua? The natural beauty of the underwater world is so famous. In fact, divers from various countries want to try immediately felt diving in Raja Ampat.

Almost all the islands of the sea in the clear. Blue color clean without trash filling Raja Ampat. So crystal clear, tourists need not bother to dive to see the various types of fish and colorful coral. Simply sit in a boat and look to the sea.

But if you want to see more incredible, you can snorkel or dive. Deeper into the sea Raja Ampat, the more types of fish and colorful coral reefs.

2. Lombok

Lombok Beach

Lombok in NTB also has a sea that is not less beautiful with Raja Ampat. If you do not believe it try coming into the sea around Gili Trawangan, Gili Air or Gili Meno.

Sea water there has a very clear and clean. The most attractive, large coral reefs and colorful fish very much. Because they are in shallow waters, tourists can easily see the beauty of nature without having to dive.

3. Wakatobi


Besides Raja Ampat, another place which also has sea views and is equally famous in the world is the Wakatobi. It is a national park that has the amazing underwater world. Dive and discover the wonders of nature.

Wakatobi waters are in the Coral Triangle or the coral triangle region. This means Wakatobi has a diversity of coral reefs and other marine biodiversity (including fish), the highest in the world, which includes the Philippines, Indonesia to the Solomon Islands. So do not be surprised, so dive in here, tourists will be made addicted wanted to dive again.

4. Alor, NTT 

Alor, NTT

Located in East Nusa Tenggara, Alor also save nautical charm dazzling eyes. The islands are also surrounded by incredible sea. Crystal clear waters with fish and colorful coral reefs become inhabitants.

5. Derawan Islands 

Derawan Islands

Another sea in Indonesia, which is also well known in the eyes of the world are in the sea Derawan Islands. Same as previous sea, Derawan has clear sea, clean and was kept clean. 

If you want to prove yourself, you can come to Maratua or Derawan Island. Two of the island so one example of the island with the sea water is very clear. Like glass, sea water is so transparent Derawan Maratua and showcase life under the sea.