Strange Names Airlines in the World - What's in a name, so the words of William Shakespeare, the famous English poet. However, following 6 airline name may make you shake your head or laugh. Strange, unique, and no-nonsense ...

There are some strange names of airlines in the world,

1. Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines

Mango Airlines is the airline from South Africa. These budget airlines offer flights to various domestic destinations in South Africa. Mango Airlines also has a quirky airframe color bright orange pulpy mango alone.

The name 'Mango' was clearly displayed on the fuselage. Interested fly ride mango?

2. Peach Aviation

Peach Aviation

One more name of the airline that the theme of fruit, namely Peach Aviation. These are from Japan and is a subsidiary of All Nippon Airways. It serves flights to various domestic routes in Japan and international routes such as South Korea, Hong Kong, and Taiwan.

If interpreted, means peach is a peach. Apparently, the Japanese did not want to lose to South Africa.

3. Wizz Air

Wizz Air

How sound when the plane fly fly? Perhaps the name of the airline Wizz Air is the answer. This is the origin of the Hungarian airline fuselage white and purple. As well, there is the word 'Wizz' on the fuselage clearly visible.

Wizz .. Please fly with Wizz Air.

4. Firefly


Who would have thought, there are fireflies can fly up to an altitude of 30,000 feet or more than 9,000 meters. Disbelief, he fireflies aka Firefly airline from Malaysia.

Firefly airline is a subsidiary of Malaysia Airlines. The airline has routes to several destinations in Southeast Asia, such as Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. Let's fly ride 'firefly'!

5. Solar Airline

Solar Airline

Solar airline is the origin of the budget airline Bangkok, Thailand. His name is quite unique and the airline was just domestic flights in Thailand alone.

Huffington Post had to Solar Water's remarks. Anyone who rose Solar airline, may be closer to the sun. Because if you mean, 'Solar' means the Sun.

6. Wow Airlines

Wow Airlines

The name of the airline that this might be the most unique in the world. Here Wow Airlines, airline from Iceland and just last operation since May 2012.

Wow Airways is budget airline and flights to various destinations in Europe, such as Germany, Austria, Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Switzerland, UK, Poland, and others. Wow Airways was touted as a tourist favorite airline Iceland. Wow Airlines may offer facilities and services that wow!