In a country with 4 seasons, the end of the year is a time for snow play. In December the snow, there are few places in the world that has the best ski area. Here are 7 of them.

Several ski areas in the world known for its uniqueness when winter arrives. Skiing is not only unique, but also has a beautiful landscape. It never hurts to visit and go skiing.

1. Banff Lake Louise, Alberta

Banff Lake Louise, Alberta

Snow-covered mountains, frozen lakes surround. Of course there is a reason why Lake Louise is located in Alberta, so many looks in the picture postcard Canada.

Lake Louise is a two-hour drive from Calgary, the nearest major city to the airport. In addition to natural ski area with snow mountains and beautiful scenery, there is also a heated house. No need to fear the cold.

2. Vienna Ice Dream, Vienna

Vienna Ice Dream, Vienna

Located in Vienna, Austria, a pair of large arenas connected by small lanes, creating a ski area of 6,000 square meters right in front of the Vienna City Hall.

In addition to the ski area, there are also typical Austrian food and drinks around the park that surrounds the ski area. Surely you do not want to feel hungry and thirsty while skiing.

3. Rink Red Square, Moscow

Rink Red Square, Moscow

Moscow State known as Red Bear will be famous landscape Red Squarenya. When winter comes, a quarter of Red Square transferred to the ski area is decorated with a Christmas theme.

The regular ski lovers around the oval at the ski area near the Kremlin, St. Basil's Cathedral, and State Historical Museum. Feel skiing ice directly in front of the grandeur of the historic buildings of Russia.

4. Rideau Canal Skateway, Ottawa 

Rideau Canal Skateway, Ottawa

When winter arrives, the Rideau Canal is located in the Ottawa becomes natural ski area. Besides being a part of the UNESCO world heritage site, Rideau Canal is a bustling ski area during the holidays. 

Rideau Canal is also widely used as a pathway to go to work, school, to go shopping by local walkers. The natural ski area extends along 7.8 kilometers and passed the Canadian Parliament.

5. Shichahai Lake, Beijing

Shichahai Lake, Beijing

Beijing also has a natural ice rink is made ​​of a frozen lake. The ice rink is Shichahai Lake is connected with three lakes, Lake Qianhai, Houhai Lake, and Lake Xihai.

Interestingly, natural ski area in the Shichahai Lake is surrounded by historic buildings. The outdoor ice rink has ice chairs, ice bike until you can rent.

6. Ice Rink Eiffel Tower, Paris

Ice Rink Eiffel Tower, Paris

Who would have thought that the most famous landscape in Paris, the Eiffel Tower, has an ice rink. The ski area of ice with one of these levels is situated 60 meters above the Champ de Mars, is included in the ticket up the Eiffel Tower.

Eiffel Tower The ski area opened in 1969, underwent renovation, and reopened in 2004. There also can be rented skates. Unfortunately, for this year, the ice rink under the Eiffel Tower was closed due to renovations on the first floor of the tower. But still, the ice skating rink will be open again next year.

7. Somerset House, London

Somerset House, London

Have you imagine skiing in the court building 18th century? You can try it at Somerset House, London. 1 Hour is the period of time that you get to go skiing in the courtyard of Somerset House.

Not only skiing, you can also enjoy a glass of chocolate here. Taste the ice skating-style atmosphere of the nobility. When the event "Club Nights," an ice rink turns into a dance floor with the DJ.