Behind the dark and rocky cliffs that surround, the cave also save a lot of hidden beauty. In this world, there are seven caves that can make your eyes do not blink

1. Cave of the Ghost, Venezuela

Cave of the Ghost, Venezuela

Cave of the Ghost is also known as La Cueva del Fantasma. It was cave in Venezuela, located in the National Park Cainama.

This cave is known as a place that is rich in diversity of animals and plants. Go inside, traveler can see the ancient plants that may not be found out. However, this cave has a fairly narrow space.

2. Cave of the Swallows, Mexico

Cave of the Swallows, Mexico

This is a vertical cave that is in Aquismon, Mexico. To be able to enter into, a traveler must gather courage and physically strong. Obviously, you will be prompted to enter in a depth of 333 meters from the mouth of the cave.

Even so, when inside, your eyes will be fascinated through thick vegetation which fills the cave. The green color dominates the view. Investigate must investigate, this cave is the second deepest cave in Mexico and the 11th deepest cave in the world.

3. Fingal Cave, Scotland

Fingal Cave, Scotland

This is a sea cave on the edge of the cliff was uninhabited Staffa, Scotland. Fingal Cave is known famous for the cliff wall that is shaped like a small pillars. beautiful.

4. Cave of Crystals, Mexico

Cave of Crystals, Mexico

Cave in Chihuahua, Mexico's newly discovered researchers in 2000. Cave of Crystal, that's the name given to the cave because this cave contains calcium sulfate minerals that crystallize. However, the temperature inside the cave is so hot because of the melting of minerals. So, not a lot of strong people to get into.

5. Glowworms of Waitomo Cave, New Zealand

Glowworms of Waitomo Cave, New Zealand

Here it is another cave that will make you gasp once entered into, Waitomo Glowworms Cave. Since the discovery in 1887, Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Waikato hook the attention of many researchers and tourists. These worms live in caves that have bioluminescence, so luminous in the dark.

In the world, Glowworm Cave is the largest habitat of this type of worm. Numbering in the thousands, filling the cave ceiling and illuminated with light turquoise. To get into this cave, tourists can follow the many tour options available.

6. Lascaux Cave, France

Lascaux Cave, France

Being in Motignac, France, this is known caves filled with Paleolithic paintings. Various types of paintings ranging from animals to plants at that time you can see in every corner of the room and cave. Lascaux Cave was included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1979.

7. Ice Cavern, Iceland

Ice Cavern, Iceland

Ice Cavern or Kverkfjoll cave is located in a frozen lagoon in Skattafel, Iceland. The cave is considered one of the most famous caves in the world's glaciers.

Ice Cavern formed by hot water from the springs of the volcano under the Vatnajokull glacier, and found during the expedition in the 1980s.