Nature always has its own way to make people spellbound. From the sea, the following three phenomena beautiful and magical to be viewed with his own eyes and head.

Starting from the sea that can glow, sea water to separate, it is possible. 3 This is the magic that can be found in the oceans:

1. Glowing sea

Glowing sea

Imagine if you're in the sea which can give off light. Relax, it's not just a fantasy, because the ocean is right there and can be visited. More fun again, there are few places in the world where the sea can be luminous.

The first place is Mosquito Bay, Puerto Rico, USA. The sea is so sought after tourist at night because there could dispense water blue. This color comes from microorganisms bioluminescence. The color will come out if the animal annoyed.

No further luminous sea in Falmouth, Jamaica. It is beradi in Martha Brae River downstream, right on the coast. Glistening Waters continued to make light throughout the year. You are free to choose to come anytime.

2. The most clear sea

The most clear sea

Actually, most crystal clear sea is held by the Weddell Sea in Antarctica. However, if it is felt that too much, in Indonesia there was a lot of glass-clear sea. Try it went to Aceh precisely Iboih Beach in Pulau Weh.

Of its ports only, visitors can see fish in the water fro. Not to forget, the seabed and coral reefs can be seen easily from the shore.

Yeben Island waters and Arborek Island in West Papua has also been shown to clarity. Very white sand on the seabed can be seen clearly from the shore. For those who can not swim , the sea looked here was already satisfied because of a variety of colorful fish can easily be seen without the need for spraying into it.

Clear waters in Indonesia next Maratua in East Kalimantan. Being here, it can not bear to throw themselves immediately. Clear water without contamination or waste bins easily found everywhere. Of course, colorful fish and coral reefs visible from up there.

The next two places is Tanjung Bira in South Sulawesi and Maluku Liang beach. Come and see for yourself how clean and crystal clear waters there.

3. Two separate sea water

Muslims believe in one holy book Koran verse that says there is sea water do not mix. There is a real place and become interesting natural phenomenon for tourists, ie the Strait of Bab el Mandeb in.

These waters are meeting the Red Sea and the Indian Ocean. The exact location is between Yemen, the Arabian Peninsula, Djibouti, Eritrea, northern Somalia, as well as the tip of Africa.

Scientists have long unravel this phenomenon through the salt content, geographic and biological. According to Captain Jacques Cousteau, the late most famous marine biologist, the marine separately because it has a different density based on the elements studied.