Ibn Thoulun mosque

Egypt has a lot of old mosques that age in the hundreds or even thousands of years and be evidence history of Islamic civilization in Egypt. You see directly the grandeur mosque of Ibn Thoulun.

Countries which have a nickname Ummudunya (mother world) is in every inch of land there is a mosque. So no wonder Egypt also has the nickname land of a thousand towers. Mosque architecture depends on who the dynasty was built. Here is one of the oldest mosques in Egypt, the Mosque of Ibn Thoulun.

This mosque architecture is very different from the architecture of mosques in Egypt in general. The mosque is square-shaped with a large central courtyard, only the tower but did not have a dome except for the ablution fountain (ablution). In Arabic it is called sabil located in the central courtyard of the mosque.

Spiral tower that serves to place calls adhan which is the one characteristic of this mosque. Mosque architecture is relatively simple and not much detail as found in mosques in Egypt. Mosque of Ibn Thoulun is the second oldest mosque in Egypt after the Masjid Amru bin Aas.

Located in a densely populated area that is somewhat seedy, Masjid Ibn Thoulun still shows its exoticism. The mosque is located behind 2 large mosque, the mosque of Sultan Hassan and Mosque of Rifa'i. It is the only mosque that was the original architecture.

Ibn Thoulun mosque

Ibn Thoulun mosque

Ibn Thoulun mosque

The mosque is not changed at all except just reinforcement and filling in some parts of the mosque as part of the treatment . Understandably this mosque has reached the age of 1,134 years since it was built in the year 876 AD and was completed in 879 AD . Figures wow ya ! I just got gawking at that figure .

Masjid Ibn Thoulun built during the Abbasid dynasty . Built by Ahmad Ibn Thoulun which is a governor at that time and in power between the years 868-884 AD . The mosque is actually located on a small hill called Jabal Yashkur .

However, because nowadays is a dense residential area then the hill was no longer visible . According to the history of this mosque is a mosque adjacent to the palace and the palace of Ibn Thoulun . But in the early 10th century century palace buildings torn down so that only a Tulunid Dynasty relics of the mosque which I am told this .

Mosque of Ibn Thoulun room barely insulated and leaved doors , consisting of pillars with curved shapes . Part pillars of the mosque there is a decorative carving and calligraphy . Pulpit for the sermon was over , like a stage .

The main building of the mosque surrounded by a high wall of the mosque wall measuring 118 x 138 meters . Functioning as a fence and there is a small courtyard behind the fence called Ziyadas . The northern part of the door Ziyadas there to rise to the top of the tower .

The spiral shape of the tower turns adopts the minarets of Samarra in Iraq . From the top of the tower we could see the whole building of the mosque is also another mosque minarets towering among apartment buildings .

No admission charged to enter the mosque of Ibn Thoulun and climb to the tower . Because the mosque is still used for worship . Just give a tip to guard mosques also maintain custody sandals and shoes .

There are unique , for visitors who wear shoes , do not need to take off shoes to get around to the mosque because the guard will wrap our feet , including shoes with a cloth . So if you want to photograph , her feet do not come in the picture yes , look like Aladdin later . It is part of an effort to guard the mosque so that visitors to tip him .

Although it is still functioning mosque to pray , but do not come on top at 16.00 local time because of the mosque of Ibn Thoulun closed to visitors after the hour . I also do not know if outside of these hours the gate is still open or not . Want to watch one of the oldest mosques in the world ? Pay a visit to Egypt .