Imagine, 70.9% of Planet Earth is ocean. Travelers who live on the mainland, meaning only 29.1% roam the planet. Not surprisingly, there are still many who do not know about the 5 deepest ocean in the world.

Deepest oceans often called troughs. It is the innermost part of a sea or ocean. Travelers can just see this place because many are near the marine tourism area.

1. Mariana Trench, the U.S.

Mariana Trench, the U.S.

Located at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, there is a place called the Mariana Trench or Marianas Trench. Depth reaches 10,924 feet! Now imagine you live marine abyss higher than the Himalayas are only 8,848 meters above sea level.

From the official website of the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, located in the Mariana Trench near the Mariana Islands. Although it is close to Japan, the region in the territory of the United States along with the island of Guam. Mariana Island became a sort of national parks with the many tourists visit from Japan.

2. Puerto Rico Trough, Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Trough, Puerto Rico

Now we shift to the Atlantic Ocean, there is  Puerto Rico Trough. How much depth? 9,219 meters. The Himalayas are still less than that of the sea abyss.

Puerto Rico Trough into the boundary of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. No need to try fad Puerto Rico Trough depth, just enjoy the island, the beach and a variety of beautiful scenery on the sea surface.

3.  Java Trough, Indonesia

Java Trough, Indonesia

Oceans in this one in Indonesia. Java Trough into the deepest point in the Indian Ocean at a depth of 7,455 meters.

This Trough is located aft of the east coast of Sumatra to the southern coast of Java. Deepest point at 320 km off the south coast of Yogyakarta. The character of this trough also be a factor behind the beauty of the beach, coral, and the waves of dazzling Gunungkidul Yogyakarta to travelers.

4. Southern Ocean, Antarctica

Southern Ocean, Antarctica

Southern Ocean known as the Antarctic Ocean. It is the most southern oceans of Planet Earth. In the ocean there is the deepest point reaching 7,236 meters, only 219 meter course at odds with the Java Trough.

Southern Ocean is adjacent to several countries in South kinds Earth Australia, New Zealand, Chile and Argentina. Oceans here of course cold with an average temperature of -2 to 10 degrees Celsius only. But until now, there are still some cruise ship companies that will take you there.

5. Arctic Basin

 Arctic Basin

At the North Pole there Arctic Basin in the Arctic Sea. According to the World Altas, Arctic Basin has a trough with a depth of 5,625 meters. Fortunately, there are also people who live here, besides this place too cold.

Artic Basin bordered by many countries including the U.S., Canada, Russia and Greenland that became part of Denmark. Therefore, many tourists from these countries try visiting the Arctic Basin. Of course they do not dive, but for example see polar bears in Baffin Island, Canada.