Jakarta - Who does not know of Mount Tambora in West Nusa Tenggara? The explosion was in 1815 famously devastating. In 2015, Mount Tambora ready to greet tourists in the world and the second warning the century.

In addition to Mount Rinjani, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) also has the famous Mount Tambora in Dompu, Sumbawa Island. Demi lure tourists visit the world, NTB will hold Tambora World Greets 2015 in commemoration of the volcano eruption 2 centuries.

"Tambora Greets the World, is a good idea. We support this event in order to develop new destinations," said Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, Mari Elka Pangestu in the Grand Launching Tambora World Greets 2015 in Hall Susilo Soedarman, Gedung Sapta Pesona, Kemenparekaf, Jl Medan Merdeka Barat, Jakarta, Sunday (06/16/2013) night.

Mount Tambora exploded devastating ever in 1815. Most regions of the world is covered by smoke erupt. In 2015, was 2 centuries the massive eruption warning. NTB also will hold a variety of events.

"Will there be flashback Deputy Minister Widjajono Partowidagdo also.'s Very exciting," said Mari.

Say hello to the 2015 World Tambora apparently not limited to commemorate the eruption alone. This is one way to attract tourists to the world and introduce more natural charm in NTB. Mount Tambora on Sumbawa Island, so other than wealth NTB Lombok.

"In 2009, the President has launched the Visit Lombok Sumbawa. Within that period, had 1 million tourists who come to Lombok and Sumbawa. Hopefully in 2015 to 2 million," said NTB Governor Zainul Majdi Muhammad.