Malang - If you want a holiday in Malang is more special and memorable, do not forget to bring presents his trademark. There are various foods that can be used as a souvenir from Malang to someone dear.

Actually, there are many souvenirs you can bring from Malang. Ranging from T-shirts to key chains that read Malang. Well, if you want a souvenir special food and very typical of Malang, detikTravel, Thursday (25/10/2012) proposed a two-by-by the Malang really:

1. Assorted chips

Malang is famous for various processed chips. Ranging from cassava chips, tempeh until fruit is in this city. Also prepared a variety of flavors, there is a sense of Balado, roasted corn, sweet corn, or even cheese. All living you choose according to taste.

Well, if you want to bring a variety of these chips as souvenirs, you can buy it in the sales center is in Sanan chips. It is selling its chips in Malang.

A new arrival, guests are immediately confronted with a big gate that read "Industry Centers Tempe Sanan". Go inside, you can find there are many stores that sell chips of various flavors.

One of the stores that tourists can enter is Alnier Tempe Chips shop. Located at Jl Sanan No. 142, Malang, Tempe Chips Alnier had stood since 1990.

Despite entering the word 'Chips Tempe' in front of his name, Tempe Chips Alnier fact not only sell chips made of fermented soybean. Still there are many types of chips supplied this store.

"The chips here all kinds, no fruit chips, cassava, soybean," said guard Chip Shop Alnier Tempe, Yuli to detikTravel, Wednesday (10/24/2012).

For fruit crisps, there are many types available, including apple, starfruit, mango, jackfruit, salak and rambutan.

"The best-selling jackfruit and apples," said Yuli.

And what about the cassava chips and tempeh? For cassava available in sweet, salty, onion and Balado. While the tempeh chips even more variations.

"Tempe kinds, there Balado, sweet corn, roasted corn, there are 15 kinds lah," said Yuli.

No need to worry about the price, because the chips are there in Alnier quite affordable. For the original fruit flavored chips priced Rp 6.000/200 grams.

"Cassava chips salty sweet flavor tempeh Rp 13.000/500 gram, the same as the original," Yuli closed.

Alnier Tempe Chips shop is open every day starting at 7:00 a.m. to 21:00 pm. Typically, the most visited store on Saturday and Sunday.

"That comes from the tourism group sometimes Kalimantan, Jakarta, Sumatra," said Yuli.

2. Pia

By a second-by Malang is also typically pia. This is one of the typical snack in Malang. Usually, pia was chosen because it has a lot of flavor and certainly more durable.

Actually there are many places that sell snacks Malang. It's just now starting to disappear one pesatu. Well, one of the stores that still stands today is Pia Cap Bowl Cake Shop.

For the uninitiated, pia is actually similar to food bakpia pathok in Yogyakarta. However, pia available in dried form.

"If bakpia Yogya it wet, if we're dry," said store clerk Pia Cap Bowl, Ika to detikTravel, Wednesday (10/24/2012).

Coming to Pia Cap Bowl, there are many variants to choose from pia, pia taste like green beans, cheese, chocolate, coffee and durian. Price also varies.

"The price is different depending upon taste," adds Ika.

Pia contents of green beans for sale Rp 8.000/boks contents of five. Well, if you love cheese, this sense pia sold USD five 9.000/boks content.

"If the price averaged USD 12 19500-20500 for the content," said Ika.

Want to know what's best selling pia eyebrows hunted buyer? "Pia is now relatively similar, all balanced," Ika lid.

If interested, you can come directly to Malang Jl Semeru No. 25, Malang. The shop is open from 8:00 to 20:00 o'clock pm.