Montreal - The city held a fireworks festival, not a few travelers who want to feel keseruannya. 5 This is the coolest fireworks festival world, do not miss it!

Reporting from CNN Travel, Monday (08/07/2013), here's 5 coolest fireworks festival in the world. Unmitigated, these fireworks can take tens of minutes without stopping. Do not miss it if you are visiting these cities.

1. Montreal International Fireworks Festival, Kanada

Each year, Quebec's amusement park La Ronde in Montreal, Canada, held a fireworks display that lasted for 30 minutes. This party is not arbitrary, tourists can see the fireworks were held, with the concept of a fairy tale.

This year, the Montreal International Fireworks Festival will run for 6 weeks from June 22 to August 3. In addition to Canada, the participants come from Croatia, Hong Kong is also the U.S..

2. Pohang International Fireworks Festival, Korea Selatan

You know, Pohang in South Korea is known as the City of Lights and Fireworks. The city is famous for the tradition of fireworks.

Every summer, residents and tourists crowded the beach Bukbu and Hyeongsan River Sports Park to watch the Pohang International Fireworks Festival. Do not miss this if you visit the festival began 26 July to 4 August 2013!

3. Katakai Fireworks Festival, Jepang

Ever heard of the world's largest fireworks? Namanua Yonshakudama, 1 Km fired into space before it broke out 800 meters wide. To welcome the coming of autumn, two Yonshakudama fired into space in Katakai-Matsuri Festival at City Katakai.

This year Katakai-Matsuri Festival only lasts one night, which is 9 to 10 September. "The night sky like painted with a giant Ferris wheel," said Perfecture Niigata tourism site.

4. New Year's celebrations in Sydney, Australia

New Year's celebrations in Sydney, Australia, is one of the most colorful in the world. Sydney city dubbed himself as 'the capital of the New Year celebration'.

Not surprisingly, more than 1 billion residents and tourists watch the event live on television. In addition to the fireworks, there are also musical performances. Last year there was the lovely Kylie Minogue. Do not be late coming to the site in Sydney Harbour.

5. New Year Celebration Dubai, UAE

Besides being known as the futuristic city, Dubai also has a new year fireworks festival in the world's most festive. Last year, glittering fireworks were fired around the world's tallest building is the Burj Khalifa.

Hundreds of fireworks glide into the air, enlivened by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra live performance.