Brisbane - There are several beautiful islands in the world that you've probably never heard of. Although his name is not known, the landscape is not questioned. Amazingly beautiful!

The natural beauty of a row of several beautiful islands in the world would have been the prey of traveler. These islands was constructed by some people who want to give pleasure to the traveler. From CNN Travel, Monday (07/08/2013) This is a row of beautiful islands in the world names that you've probably never heard of:

1. XXXX Island, Australia

Australia is known to have many beautiful islands lined the coveted world traveler. XXXX Island became a haven of new since the blue water, and equipped with bar facilities, swimming pools, golf courses, archery and much more. XXXX Island was inaugurated last year.

Originally, named Pumpkin Island. However, a beer company XXXX hire approximately 15 acres of property and the name of the island is so XXXX Island. The trick to this island getaway is to win the contest prize holiday to the island free of charge for U.S. $ 10,000

2. Saba, the Caribbean Netherlands

Most of the population of the island is a community of gay, lesbian and transgender. Legalized same-sex marriage here. The population of the island's 1,800 inhabitants. Saba has 4 villages, small ports, a volcanic island located in Mount sceneray active.

Its location close to St Martin, the smallest city of the Caribbean which is the only city whose inhabitants speak the English language and have the U.S. dollar. Saba has the shortest runway in the world and the main road which was built about 9 years ago.

3. Tsarabanjina Island, Madagascar

Although difficult to pronounce, this beautiful island you must explore. Tsarabanjina island located in the northwest of Madagascar. The island has 3 rows of beach with soft white sand. This secluded island resort has an exclusive sole Mitsio Islands, Madagascar.

In addition, there also are 25 villa. The island is a place Joanna Lumley spent 10 days living on a remote island which aired on the BBC documentary series 'Girl friday' in 1994. Although he only spent half his time there.

4. Guana Island, Virgin Islands

Island of 850 hectares is home to endangered species such as the Caribbean flamingo Roseate, iguanas, red-footed tortoise. Guana Island was purchased by a couple from Massachusetts, the U.S. is building a 6 stone cottages and inviting artists.

The island is a private island for the traveler who menyambanginya. If you would like to visit there, simply fly into Beef Island Airport, Virgin Islands and go to Guana Island by boat. Overnight on the island, prepare pocket U.S. $ 695

5. Island Song Saa, Cambodia

Pulau ini masih berada di kawasan Asia Tenggara, tepatnya di Kamboja. Pulau ini sebenarnya gabungan dari 2 pulau cantik yakni Koh Ouen dan Koh Bong yang disatukan dengan sebuah jembatan. Di sana terdapat 27 vila yang dibangun dengan kayu yang berdiri di atas perairan laut.

Sebelum pemilik Australia membangun pulau ini, Pulau Song Saa adalah tempat konservasi untuk melindungi kuda laut dan kura-kura. Kini, traveler bisa menjelajah hutan hujan tropis dan menyelami laut yang cantik. Jika bermalam di sana, tarif yang ditawarkan mulai dari $ 668

6. Navarino Island, Chile

For backpackers who like a secret getaway to the island, came to Navarino Island, Chile. You are offered a variety of views of the glacier ice slick, jungles and towering granite but there was little change after Charles Darwin climb in 1932.

Now so Navarino Island Chile Navy post, octopus and crab fisherman and more than 40,000 beavers imported from Canada since 1940. When I want a vacation, try jajal some beautiful and mysterious island as this island. Congratulations Traveling!