Pahang - If you traveled to Pahang, Malaysia, tourists will find French-style village atmosphere. Winding road with trees on both sides led to the gate of a French-themed village, Colmar Tropicale, Pahang, Malaysia.

Resort-themed Colmar Tropicale is a French village called Colmar Village in Alsace. Part of the Berjaya Hill Resort gives a totally different atmosphere than staying at other hotels in Malaysia.

Malay shades instantly replaced with European-style atmosphere for a moment into the inn complex. Instead of built like a hotel, this inn made berblok-block. If seen, this inn is like a row of houses.

Colorful pastel wrapping all the buildings there. Enhanced with distinctive European theme such as water fountains, a bell at the front door, balcony and tower contains a flower pot on the front. Each building is equipped with restaurants and food outlets.

A total of 235 rooms and 8 suites with a restaurant, and a bar that has live music every night. By afternoon, the complex is filled with resort guests or taking a walk around.

This is supported by the European feel cold air. Because the resort is located at an altitude of 790 meters above sea level and surrounded by hills lush vegetation. Plus, a French music often heard in an open area or a restaurant there.

At the bottom, there is an outdoor swimming pool overlooking the hills. Not content to look for beautiful scenery, go up to the tower that is in the back of the complex. Best time enjoying the view from up there is morning or evening.

Kala morning, do not miss the moment the sun touches the hills were still covered in fog. It's incredibly beautiful. When the night was no less beautiful. Enjoy the twinkling lights on the bottom of the hill, and the stars and moon in the sky, from the tower.

Inn built in 2000 is to maximize self with the European theme in the room until the design. Lamps, beds, cabinets, walls, and the color choices in the room will really make the guests seemed to stay with a European feel.

The resort is often the choice of the newly married couple and are enjoying the honeymoon. When we stayed there, had several times asked for help to capture images of the couple who are in love it. Even so, some family group also looks to stay there. The atmosphere became more and more crowded with shouts and jokes from the kids who ran around the resort.

But unfortunately, quite simply trimmings. For a standard room, the room is not too broad. In some rooms air-conditioning was not too cold. Therefore, there are rooms that are equipped with a fan in the ceiling despite no air conditioning.

On the bright side, the employees who work here are nice and satisfying. They can quickly meet the demand of the guests, with a friendly and warm service.

To stay here, the price per night starts from RM 248 to RM 595. For Standart Room, the price per night starts from RM 248-355. Price per night for a Deluxe Room is from RM 325-464. For Bedroom Room, ranging from RM 365-522. Lastly, for the Deluxe Suite, priced starting RM 416-595.