Jakarta - We do not get on a plane alone. On the left and right front passenger sit behind us also another. Lay seat was no manners.

Many lay traveler seat on the plane, but do not let it interfere with the comfort of other passengers. The Sydney Morning Herald has tips about the etiquette of sitting on the plane as compiled Monday (08/07/2013):

1. When eating

When eating, is polite and need to re-enforce the seat backrest. Seating is difficult fall you eat, right?

But on the other hand, you also need to remember that other passengers will also eat. He may be disturbed eating when you fall back bench.

2. During takeoff and landing

One thing that is often reminded by the flight attendants. You have to enforce the seat back while the plane took off and landed. This affairs related to aviation safety, so do not mess around.

Beyond that, you should just lay back seat. But remember rule number one ya about decency when eating.

3. Slightly better excuse

It is your right to lay a seat on the plane. But who knows the person behind you is not happy.

Just try to look back, who knows the man behind the move is likely being disturbed when we lay bench. If necessary, ask permission of the people in the back, did not seem like a difficult thing.

4. Subtle ways that do not like

This time his position behind, you are a victim of the act of passengers in front of the bench is too stretched. Your position becomes narrow and disturbed. On the other hand, you could just talk directly to the person concerned. But not all easy to talk to and any-one even shouting match.

If you have this, there is a subtle way of showing that you are annoyed. Gently press the front bench with both knees or bench presses forward with his hands on the bag of the net in the back seat. That way, the person in front of us knows when disturbed.